Clerk-Recorder Fee Schedule

County Clerk

Fictitious Business Name Fees:

Filing a Fictitious Business Name Statement $20.00
For each additional business name or partner $ 3.00
Filing a statement of Abandonment $15.00
Filing a statement of Withdrawal $15.00
Fee for certified copy of any statement on file $ 3.25

Marriage License Fees:

Issuance of Marriage License $51.00
Additional charge for after hours issuance $36.00
Issuing duplicate marriage license and certificate $24.00
Issuing a Confidential Marriage License, includes one certified copy $70.00
Certified copy of a confidential marriage license $15.00
Marriage ceremony, during business hours, by the Commissioner of Marriages $25.00

Surety Fees:

Filing a power of attorney, revocation, cancellation, annulment or suspension of a certificate for an admitted surety insurer: one name $8.00
If more than one name, for each additional name $ 2.25

Miscellaneous Fees:

Filing Bond of Notary Public $15.00
Registration of Process Server $117.00
Registration of Unlawful Detainer Assistant $182.00
Registration of Legal Document Assistant $182.00
Registration of Professional Photocopier $182.00

Certification and Copying Fees:

Photocopying document, per 81/2 x 14" page or less
1st page
$ 1.50
2nd and subsequent pages $ .50
Certifying a copy of any original paper, record or proceeding on file in the
Office of the County Clerk-Recorder
$ 1.75

Clerk to the Board of Supervisors

Appeals to Board of Supervisors $159.00
Copying tapes of meetings (provide tape) per minute fee $ .40
Copying tapes of meetings (additional $4.00 per tape if clerk provides) per minute $ .40

Elections/Registrar of Voters

Certification of Voter’s Registration $1.50
Copy of Conflict of Interest Statement, Campaign Expenditure Reports (per page) $ .10
Index of Voter’s ($10.00 minimum up to 5000 names, $2.00 for each additional 1000 names or portion thereof: application required)  
Computer tapes of voter registration files (disk provided) $125.00
(no disk provided) $130.00


Vital Records:

Birth (additional $7.00 fee to use credit card services) $25.00
Marriage (additional $7.00 fee to use credit card services) $15.00
Death (additional $7.00 fee to use credit card services) $21.00
Disposition Permit $12.00

Regular Recording Fees: Note - Document margin requirements for Recorder’s Stamp in upper right corner minimum of 3” wide by 2” height. Top, bottom, right and Left margins minimum of 1/2”.

1st page (Limited to 8 ½ x 11 sheet) $8.00
Each additional page or fraction of a page $3.00

Oversize Documents:

1st page size over 8 ½ x 11 $11.00
Each additional page of the same document $ 6.00

Survey Monument Fee:

This fee is added to a deed for consideration which does not reference a recorded map filed in the Recorder’s Office $10.00

Penalty Print:

Nine lines per vertical inch or 22 characters per inch horizontally $1.00

Documentary Transfer Tax: Documentary Transfer Tax ($1.10 per $1000.) (Revenue & Taxation 11911) Deed from one person to another when money exchanged. If none, must indicate in space (documentary tax fees) reason for no tax. EXAMPLE: Gift; No Consideration; Marriage Dissolution, etc.

Combined Documents: (Government Code 27361.4)

When two or more documents are serially incorporated into one form or sheet they will be considered as two or more separate documents. A base recording fee of $8.00 will be charged for the first page and $3.00 for each additional page plus $8.00 for each additional document title to be indexed. Example:

Deed of Trust and a Request for Notice of Default $16.00
Deed of Trust and Assignment of Rents $16.00
Substitution of Trustee and Reconveyance $16.00
Base Fee $ 8.00
Additional Title $ 8.00
Each Additional Page $ 3.00
Paper size over 8 ½ x 11 $3.00 penalty for each page  

Fictitious Deeds of Trust:

All pages presented for recordation that contain a reference to provisions in a fictitious mortgage or deed of trust, shall be charged for and recorded.

Documents Requiring Additional Indexing:
Each reference to a previously recorded document that gives names other than the first reference; if an additional reference requires indexing $1.00 (Each group of ten names) $1.00
Release of Tax Liens: $12.00

Release of Other State or County Liens: $12.00

Abstract of Judgment/Mechanics Lien (AB 481)/Involuntary Lien:

Abstract Judgment and first defendant
(Must have mailing address) – First Page
Each additional Debtor $ 2.00
Each additional Page (Front and back of all pages presented for recordation shall be charged for and recorded) $ 3.00
Mechanic’s Lien (Must have owner’s mailing address and description of property) – First Page $12.00
Each Additional Page $ 3.00

Financing Statements:

Only National Forms Accepted 1-2 pages $10.00
3 or more pages $20.00


8 ½ x 11 first page $ 1.50
Each additional page $ .50
Certification $ 1.75

Copies of Maps:

8 ½ x 11 $2.00
Each additional page $1.50
Over 8 ½ x 11 $3.00
Each additional page $2.50

Conformed Copies: Upon request, if a copy of the document is provided with a stamped, self-addressed envelope, it will be returned immediately after recording at No Fee.

Additional copies $1.00
Each additional page $ .50

Map Filing for Record:

Subdivision, Parcel, Survey, Assessment, (1st page) $8.00
Each additional page $2.00

Documents Recorded Without Preliminary Change of Ownership Report: $20.00

Preliminary 20-Day Filing and Notice: $40.00