Health and Social Services Fiscal


The Mission of Lassen County's Health and Social Services Fiscal department is to ensure the continued funding of programs administered by Lassen County Health and Social agencies and to identify and obtain additional sources of funding for Lassen County Health and Social Services programs.

HSS Funding

Lassen County's Health and Social services programs are funded from a variety of sources at the County, State, and Federal level. These funds are accessed through a variety of means:

  • Billing Medi-Cal/Medicare for services rendered by HSS agencies,
  • Claiming State and Federal Allocations for administration of programs,
  • Obtaining State Realignment Funds,
  • and using the County General Fund only when necessary.

The purpose of HSS Fiscal is to merge these disparate streams of funding to support a cohesive organization that can provide a full extent of services to the citizens of Lassen County, while maintaining an accurate accounting of the use of public funds.

Fiscal Officers

Each department in Health and Social services is supported by a Fiscal Officer who works closely with the Department Head in creating the budget for the department. The Health and Social Services Super-Agency as a whole is supported by a Chief Fiscal Manager who supervises and coordinates the work of each department's Fiscal Officer.

  • Yvonne Smith - HSS Chief Fiscal Manager
  • Sue Bardouski - Public and Environmental Health
  • Shiela McGarva - Behavioral Health
  • Corrine Reed - Mental Health Services Act Funding
  • Roma Morrow - Community Social Services, Adult Protective Services, and Child and Family Services


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