Recording Fees

County Clerk Fees

Fictitious Business Name Fees

Filing a Fictitious Business Name Statement $20.00
For each additional business name or partner $ 3.00
Filing a statement of Abandonment $15.00
Filing a statement of Withdrawal $15.00
Fee for certified copy of any statement on file $ 3.25

Marriage License Fees

Issuance of Marriage License $51.00
Additional charge for after hours issuance $36.00
Issuing duplicate marriage license and certificate $24.00
Issuing a Confidential Marriage License, includes one certified copy $70.00
Certified copy of a confidential marriage license $15.00
Marriage ceremony, during business hours, by the Commissioner of Marriages $25.00

Surety Fees

Filing a power of attorney, revocation, cancellation, annulment or suspension of a certificate for an admitted surety insurer: one name $8.00
If more than one name, for each additional name $ 2.25

Miscellaneous Fees

Filing Bond of Notary Public $15.00
Registration of Process Server $117.00
Registration of Unlawful Detainer Assistant $182.00
Registration of Legal Document Assistant $182.00
Registration of Professional Photocopier $182.00

Certification and Copying Fees

Photocopying document, per 81/2 x 14" page or less
1st page
$ 1.50
2nd and subsequent pages $ .50
Certifying a copy of any original paper, record or proceeding on file in the
Office of the County Clerk-Recorder
$ 1.75


Clerk of the Board Fees

Appeals to Board of Supervisors $500.00
Copying tapes of meetings (provide tape) per minute fee $ .40
Copying tapes of meetings (additional $4.00 per tape if clerk provides) per minute $ .40


Election Fees

Certification of Voter’s Registration $3.25
Copy of Conflict of Interest Statement, Campaign Expenditure Reports    (per page) $ .10
Index of Voter’s Hard Copy ($10.00 minimum up to 5000 names, $2.00 for each additional 1000 names or portion thereof: application required) $10 per 5000 names, $2 each additional 1000 names
Computer generated voter registration file (text or Excel file) $125.00
Provided on Clerk's disc $130.00


Contact Information: 

Contact Information

Julie Bustamante
Behind the Historic Courthouse
220 S Lassen Street, Annex
96130 Susanville , CA
Mon - Fri:
9:00 am-12:00 pm , 1:00 pm-4:00 pm
Sat - Sun:
Main Number
County Recorder
Clerk of the Board of Supervisors
County Clerk - Recorder FAX
(530) 257-3480